Elementary students study of Cezanne.

Preschool study of Kadinsky.


Love of paint.

Construction Big and Small Summer Camp

We had a lot of fun in this session the focus was on construction, recycled materials, reliefs, assemblage, symmetry and habitat. Yes it was a lot but we did it all. I just love seeing the kids take their sketches and following through on ideas. The creativity is endless.

Fabric Portraits

I love how children are able to capture their spirit.

Puppet People

Puppet people is one of my favorite projects. It is such a wonderful way to introduce the figure and figurative play.

Robot Summer Camp

Robot's were a hit! we had such a great time constructing robots from recycled materials.

This is my friend Liam and this is what he said about summer camp. "I have waited my whole life for this moment!" he loves Robots and loves to draw them.