About Fine Arts and Creativity

Do your children know the work of Matisse, Bonnard, Delaunay or Calder? Do they like making art from recycled material? Have they ever kept their own sketchbook, recording their thoughts and observations, while building their visual and artistic vocabulary? Fine Arts and Creativity for Kids introduces children to a variety of artists and cultures; themes and experiences; and techniques and materials, in a nurturing, fun, and creative environment.

Three eight-week sessions are offered throughout the year, each focusing on a different theme. Classes are ninety minutes long and each session introduces children to an artist and a technique and how to create art using a specific media. Children will learn how to work with pastels, paints, pen, pencil, conté crayon, markers, clay, scissor and glue, recycled and found materials, and more. The class is built around the concept of individual creative exploration within a group theme, and flows in such a way that students have time to draw in their sketchbooks and/or work independently on additional projects should they complete the session’s activities. There’s never a wasted moment, and clean-up is held to an absolute minimum. Please contact me for more information. fineartsforkids@yahoo.com